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Practise, revise and improve

We offer 

English exercises for elementary students and above

lots of gap-fill practices for your progress

authentic materials
film scripts - unique way of enjoying movies while learning English
real motivation for revising
support for more learner's autonomy
hundreds of ideas to use in the classroom
suggested answers to some exercises - on request

We do not offer

exercises for beginner students
explanations or hints about grammar
training aimed at specific exams
perfect solutions for improving your English

And now welcome to our class!

Choose from the following classrooms:

Language laboratory
Reading room  


We have no right method, ultimate solution or teaching philosophy to offer nor anything material to sell.  This is a virtual place in which you are to browse peacefully for your own sake and benefit. Here you can practise and hopefully improve your language skills without being lectured, harangued, heckled or feeling embarrassed.  We look forward to your further visits.  Meanwhile, let us help you with your learning English and thank you for your time.

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