Since your inquisitive look was cast at me
Questions arise ceaselessly
Travelling back in time
Trying to catch your eyes
To meet your soul
To look into the profundity of your teachings.

What is human soul anyway?
Has anything essential remained stable
What was once thought to be
In our spiritual existence?
It is hard to perceive today
What You discovered about our soul.

Your penetrating gaze often haunts me
Then I’m caged in the grip of your eyes
Not thinking of an escape
But feeling the benevolence of a guardian
And glad to be safe.

Why is this confident look?
Admiring your immense knowledge
Reflected in your eyes
I’m just wondering
Whether it is still worth knowing so much about us.
I’d better not know where our paths lead us.

Looking back and getting nearer to the Creation
There is always some shimmering light
Reflecting glory and hope
Here are our divine achievements
Glorious deeds indeed,
God could be proud of that.

But I think we have lost our way
Not wanting any guidance any longer
Not missing the Almighty God’s presence
Knowing nothing of eternity
Just protecting the ego while we are here.

Mysteries have been solved
Let us forget about sins and remorse
Let us just enjoy the petty happy-days of our minute-long life
We can surely get on without care and kindness somehow.
Nothing to worry, we’re doing just fine
Everything has become accessible to everyone
We all now look bright and brilliant
With growing confusion hidden behind our confidence.

God, be proud of us
We have crowned your masterwork
Fulfilled the Father’s dream,
Who needs the Creator when we have become one ourselves
Bow and kneel before our glory
Feel honoured by taking part
In this glamorous re-creation of the World.

Why don’t you look away, Master?
Your piercing look makes me feel guilty
God couldn’t do this to me,
Perhaps only the dearest face can render calm and gentleness
I am so much in need in my days of emptiness.
If only You could give me back some faith I lost long ago!

You painted so much humanity
Giving me pleasure in adoration,
You know I often can’t find the right words
Slipping out of my memory or they have never been there
Inherited inability to express feelings and thoughts.
Could there be some other form of communication?
Your eyes blink Yes.
I want to believe that your message can be deciphered
Despite decay and demise all around me,
Yes, it must be vision, our oldest language.
How great to discover something
Thought to be almost lost.

Seeing as hi-tech takes over
Simplicity and purity become dull
Dear wise Man in red turban,
I am not too sure You could depict our complexion anymore.
Man in the red turban, are you still on guard?
My dear Master, how long still will You be watching on us?