Registration fees for Sofa School language services

We offer you units, modules of English exercises rather than full courses. Therefore, please note that our fees are not refundable under any circumstances.
If you are unsure, do the demo tasks before you commit yourself financially.

Your membership card is currently valid for a week, a month or three months for both the language laboratory and the reading room. This gives you unlimited access to all exercises in both areas for the chosen length of time.

Terms for the cinema are as follows. You have three months to complete the tasks on a film script of your choice. These conditions are subject to change with prior notice.

Here are the current fees for Sofa School language services on this web site:

Language laboratory
Reading room
6 Euro for Weekly pass
12 Euro for Monthly pass
25 Euro for Quarterly pass


10 Euro for all films except 'Life of Brian' & 'Yes Minister' 
10 Euro for 'Life of Brian' & 'Yes Minister' 

ilm scripts – as you can expect – are suited to students firmly at level 3 and above. Nevertheless, the brave-hearted should never be deterred. Think positively then progress and sheer pleasure are on the way to you!

      Level 1 - beginner, elementary; L1 and L1-2 exercises are all free!

      Level 2 - pre-intermediate, lower intermediate
      Level 3 - intermediate
      Level 4 - higher intermediate, upper intermediate
      Level 5 - advanced

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