SzŲvegdoboz: I.      Rehearse the dialogue and then act it out with a partner. Take the roles in turns.
        Pay attention to the right intonation to make the conversation either funny or sombre. 

                    Any more news?

Once upon a time there was a man and his manservant. The servant had just been to the 
village where the manís father lived. The next morning the master summoned his servant to 
give an account of his visit.

	-  Have you slept well?
	-  Yes, thank you.
	-  Well, how was your journey then?
	-  Everything went all right, sir. The weather was perfect for travelling.  
	-  Iím glad to hear that. So, what news have you got for me? I havenít been there 
   	   myself for ages.
	-  Things canít be better over there. Except for one little thing.
	-  What is that?
	-  Nothing really, sir. Itís just that both of your fatherís dogs have died.
	-  Oh! What an awful shock for him! And what happened to them? 
	-  They have eaten too much horse meat, I guess.
	-  How could that be?
	-  Well, your fatherís four best horses have just died suddenly.
	-  What? Four horses died at the same time?
	-  Yes, sir, they have run wild and have killed themselves. 
	-  This is terrible! But what made the poor horses do that?
	-  They have got frightened of the big fire on the farm.
	-  Not another tragedy!?
	-  Unfortunately, the mansion and the stable have burnt down.
	-  This is devastating! And what could my father do about it?
	-  Well, the fact is that your father has also died in the fire. God bless his soul.
	-  Tragedies on this grand scale! That is incredible! 
	-  God help you, sir. This is one of those sad things in life. 
	-  Oh, Holy Jesus, have you got any more news for me?
	-  No, that was all really, sir. Can I go now and carry on with my duties?
	-  Yes, yes certainly. I donít think I will ever ask anyone for any news in my life!

II.      Make out another humorous act of giving bad news. Start with the least important and
         work it up to the most shocking one. The servant must use the Present Perfect tense !!