Szövegdoboz: Being indecisive - Yes, I may or I might not

Imagine that you are a very indecisive person. Your partner is going to ask you some questions. Answer his/her questions by giving at least two possibilities each time using I may or I might (not). 

You may want to make use of structures like ‘Well, I don’t really know but …’, ‘I’m not absolutely sure but…’, I haven’t got a clue just now but …’, ‘Oh, God knows but …’, ‘I can’t really tell but …’, 
‘It’s hard to say but …’. Or you might want to ask back ‘I’m not so sure. What about you? 


Well, if you don’t mind my asking, what are you going to do … ?

 	Where are you going to go on holiday next summer?
 	What are you going to do after your English lesson / class?
 	What are you going to wear tomorrow?
 	What are you going to buy when you next go shopping?
 	Where are you going to have lunch on Sunday?
 	What’s the next film you’re going to see?
 	What are you going to cook for dinner tonight?
 	What are you going to do on Saturday night?
 	What car are you going to buy next?
 	How are you going to celebrate your next birthday?
 	What means of transport are you going to use in the next couple of days?
 	What language are you going to start studying after English?  


Change roles now and imagine that you are going to help your partner who is very indecisive. Help him/her to make decisions by using ‘If I were you, I would …’.

If you like this role play, swap roles again. You may want to continue with making new questions.  


 	How often do you say ‘Sorry, I’ve changed my mind.’ And to whom; your parents,
   your spouse, a friend, a colleague, a classmate, a shop assistant, a waiter or         
   someone else? Be frank as much as you can.