Clothes for any occasion: pleasure, fun or disaster



Interview a partner with the questions below in the present perfect tense.

If he/she answers ‘Yes, I have’, make follow-up questions in the past simple.




Elegant, casual, smart, glamorous, shabby or even shocking clothes.

Talk about your nice memories and some of the really bad moments.

Things can go spectacularly wrong with clothes, don’t you forget that!


*             Have you ever worn something only once? What was it? When did you wear it?

*             Have you ever been to a fashion show? Where was it? Did you enjoy it?

*             Have you ever danced in very uncomfortable shoes? Where? What happened?

*             Have you ever worn ‘fancy dress’? When Was it? What did you wear?

*             Have you ever met someone who was wearing exactly the same as you? When?

          How did you feel?

*             Have you ever bought something and never worn it? What was it?

          Why didn’t you wear it?

*             Have you ever had an argument with your family about clothes? What was it about?

*             Have you ever ruined clothes in the washing machine? Once or perhaps more?

          What clothes was it? What exactly happened?






Give feedback on your partner’s answers to the other students in your class.

Your partner should correct you whenever your memory fails.

Don’t miss out on what other students are telling. Probably you’ll hear interesting details

from the other students, too.