Guess the country



Play this quiz in pairs. Teacher or game leader reads the facts below and the groups have to guess.

The clues become easier as you go down the list. If a pair thinks they can guess they say the name of the

country or, better still, write it down and show it to the leader. This way the game continues with giving

more facts until either everybody has guessed correctly or the 10th sentence is read out.

Each correct guess gets points, starting from 10 and after the last sentence a good guess is still worth

1 point. A winner may be announced after each round or adding up all the points the highest number of

total score wins a prize.


The countries



 1  The second largest country in 

     the world.

 2  The currency is dollars.

 3  The population is 28,5 million.

 4  It makes a lot of paper.

 5  89% of the country hasn’t got

     any people.

6  It has many very large lakes, e.g. 

    Lake Superior, Lake Winnipeg.  

 7  People speak French and

     English there.

 8  Eskimos also live there.

 9  The capital is Ottawa.

10 It shares a border with the USA.



 1  It has four official languages.

 2  Most of the land is covered with 

     mountains, forests and ice.

 3  It has been a Confederation for

     over 700 years.

 4  It’s a neutral country and

     maintained it in both World Wars.

 5  The most famous peak for

     climbers and tourists Is the 


 6  The population is 6,5 million.

 7  It has no access to the sea.

 8  It’s famous for watchmaking 


 9  Half of the population is Catholic 

     and the other half is Protestant.

10 The capital is Bern.

A                                                                                             B                                         

















 1  The world’s largest Islamic state.

2  It’s made up of 1400 islands, more 

     than half of them are uninhabited.

3  It used to be a Dutch colony for 

    350 years.

 4  The population is 200 million and

     includes 300 ethnic groups. 

 5  Rain forests cover large parts of it.

6  The home of the world’s largest   

    lizard the Komodo dragon.  

 7  One of its most popular tourist

     destinations is the island of Bali.

 8  East Timor won independence

     from this state not long ago. 

9  The capital is Jakarta.

10 Its neighbours are: Papua New 

     Guinea, Malaysia, The Philippines,     







 1  The sixth largest country in the


 2  The population is 18,5 million.

 3  The currency is dollars.

 4  There are five states in the country.

 5  It’s surrounded by the Indian   

     Pacific Ocean.

 6  It sells a lot of wool.

 7  Aborigines live there.

 8  The capital is Canberra.

 9  It has a very famous opera house   

     in Sidney.

10 Its most famous animals are

     kangaroos, coala bears and the





















1  95 % of the people follow Sunni 

    Islam the rest is Coptic Christian.

2  The population is 50 million.

 3  It used to be a British protectorate.    

 4  In 1922 it became a kingdom then 

     a republic in 1953.

 5  In 1956 it nationalized the Suez 


 6  It has a very old culture

    established in the Nile Valley.

 7  Napoleon once invaded it and

     occupied it for three years.

 8  The pyramids there attract a lot of 


 9  In 1967 it was at war with Israel.

10 It’s one of the biggest Arab states.


 1  The religion is Islam. 97 % of

     the people are Muslim.

 2  It has the second highest

     mountain in the world called K2.

 3  It has lots of rain in the summer      

     brought by the monsoon wind.

 4  The population is 122 million. 

 5  The currency is rupee.

6  The language is Urdu.

7  It grows a lot of rice and cotton.

8  Before 1947 it was part of India.

9  The capital is Islamabad.

10 The largest city is Karachi with

     over 5 million people.

E                                                                                             F

















 1  The third biggest country in the 


 2  The currency is Yuan.

3  It’s next to the Yellow Sea .

4  They invented printing, fireworks,

    and gunpowder.

 5  It’s one of the few Communist


 6  It grows lots of rice.

 7  The home of the giant panda.

8  The capital is Beijing with 9,5 

     million people.

9  Two of its most famous people

     are Mao Tse-Tung and Confucius.

10  The biggest population in the

       world. More than 1 billion

       people live there.




 1  The country consists of two large     


 2  The population is 3,4 million.

 3  Three-quarters of the people live in 

     the North Island.

 4  It’s famous for wool.

 5  The currency is dollars.

 6  It has a lot of earthquakes and 


 7  It’s surrounded by the Tasman Sea 

     and the South Pacific Ocean.

 8  Maoris live there.

 9  The capital city is Wellington.

10 The closest neighbouring country

      is Australia.





















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