Let’s talk about films


Work with a partner to find out about each other experiences of films. Give as many details as you can.

If you are in a class, report to the class about your partner’s answers. Your partner must correct you

whenever your memory fails you.



1        Who did you go to the cinema with for the first time in your life?

     Do you remember the title of that film?


2        Have you ever cried in the cinema?


3        Have you ever fallen asleep in the cinema?


4        Have you ever seen a film more than three times?


5        How do you choose a film to watch?


6        Have you ever left a film early?


7        Have you ever seen a film in a cinema abroad?


8        What do you think of films showing a lot of violence?


9        What do you think of films using a lot of bad language?


10         Have you got a favourite director? What films did he / she make?


11         Do you like reading the subtitles and listening to the original voices? Why? Why not?


12         What are your top 5 all – time favourite films? Don’t think too hard!





Discuss the following statements with a partner or in a group.



Wonderful films can bring people together.


Badly made movies can spoil the viewer’s good taste.


Film is a type of entertainment but not art.


Second rate directors’ films are not worth watching.


Writing a good film script needs as much talent as writing a great novel.


The sound and music of a film is of little importance.


Good film scripts don’t always make good reading.


Well-acted and masterly directed films are always educational.


Hollywood film makers and film stars help the film industry reach the biggest audience.


Without first-class actors great films cannot be made.