Szövegdoboz: Natures surprises

What would you do in the following situations? You may want to tell one or more possible 
reactions of yours. If you work with a partner or partners, discuss all answers and evaluate them. 
Try to convince your partner(s) that your answer is the best.


What would you do if …

 	there was a mouse in your bedroom?

 	you were driving and a bee or a wasp came into the car?

 	you saw a spider in the bath?

 	you were on a beach that was famous for shark attacks?

 	someone offered to buy you a fur coat?

 	you were at a house and the host gave you horse meat for dinner?

 	you saw a grass snake or an adder in your garden?

 	you found lots of ants in your kitchen?

 	you were in a forest and a very large bear came towards you? 

 	you were in the middle of a field and a bull started to run towards you?

 	a friend asked you to look after their cat or dog?

 	your neighbour’s dog barked all night?

 	you were in the middle of a river and suddenly you saw a crocodile swimming
      towards you?