Szövegdoboz: Which of these sentences do you find funny? Try to explain what they really mean.

                     Talking about food
1	Conversation is the enemy of good food.

2	Watermelon – it’s a good fruit. You eat, you drink, your wash your face.

3	You cannot feed the hungry on statistics.

4	Waiter, please hurry with the meal. My credit card expires at midnight.

5	I’ll have fresh salmon. Yes, that’ll be enough for me. I never eat more 
than one thing – unless they have a little caviar.

6	I never drink anything at lunchtime except champagne – she declared.

7	Put some vegetable in a pot and boil it for one and a half hours. 
That’s what the English call cooking.

8	Losing weight shows one’s willpower. Putting on weight proves that
you are in good spirits.

9	The only reason that bees collect pollen and make honey is 
so that I can eat it.

10	I never go to a restaurant alone. Even if the meal is good,                   
the conversation is dreadful.

11	Drinking excessively is certainly not good for your health. 
You just feel happier when you do it.

12	Don’t deny yourself a little delicacy sometimes. You never know – 
it could save your life.