Szövegdoboz:                 The world’s worst driver

On 15 October 1966 a man from Texas set up a new world record and with that 
he earned the title of the worst driver in the world. His victory in the category of 
the most traffic offences in the shortest period of time was unquestionable.

The driver, who hadn’t driven for 10 years, decided to brush up his driving skill so 
he went to a used car showroom and bought a 1953 Ford.
He drove the car out of the place himself at 3.50pm.
At 3.54 he hit a Chevrolet driven by a local woman.
One minute later he crashed into another Chevrolet with a lady driver.
Feeling more confident now in his new vehicle he next drove round a 
one-way street in the wrong direction and hit a 1963 Ford at 3.58. 
He continued in the same fashion until 4.15pm, when he hit a Ford Mustang.

To sum it all up, the reckless driver had got 10 traffic tickets, caused six accidents, 
hit four cars without stopping and driven on the wrong side of the road four times.
After he had bought his car, he needed just twenty minutes to complete his record.
He was finally stopped by a police officer who questioned him about his running amok.
The determined motorist gave this explanation: “People don’t drive like they used to”.

 I.    Here are some lines from alleged conversations after the driver was stopped.
        -  Have you been drinking, sir?
        -  Have you gone totally mad?
        -  When was your eyesight last tested?
        -  Now then, just tell me what you have been drinking.
        -  I hope he will find himself behind bars for the rest of his life.
        -  Officer, withdraw his driving licence immediately.
        -  Because of people like you, it’s not safe being on the roads anymore.
        -  He should be arrested together with his driving instructor.
	 -  How could this idiot get a driving licence?
	 -  How long have you been driving, pal? 
	 -  This man ought to have his head examined.
 -  Make sure he’ll never get his licence back.

II.    Can you make up a dialogue with a partner between the careless driver and the police officer?  
       Use some of the lines above.